• bricelyn

    on Mar 17

    So many absolutely wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing. I'm re-inspired to continue to search for all of the illusive critters I long to see...and some new ones I didn't even know we had! Wishing you magical and fruitful adventures.

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    on May 15

    Gorgeous gallery! Your work is varied and excellent. Wonderful!

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    William Kleinfelder

    on Apr 12

    I have never seen the top side of the swallowed tail Kite, thanks! Still not done looking through all of your amazing shots. What a great representation of Florida's Nature beauty you have in this gallery. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Dave

    on Apr 08

    Don, it was nice to meet you, Saturday, at one of our favorite places. Seminole State Forest.

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    Rob Moody

    on Jan 25

    Your Photos Are OUTSTANDING

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    on Oct 28

    You have so many great pictures in this gallery. Well done!

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    June jones

    on Mar 02


    Thank you so much for your fantastic nature presentation at the Florida Garden Club Leadership Training on the 19th of February at Camp Wekiva.

  • Ken Canning

    on Feb 19

    Great images, nice otters

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    Richard A Chapman & Lois M Doubleday

    on Jan 30

    Remarkable gallery. Excellent work!

  • Steve

    on Jan 06

    What an achievement of patient and persistent artistry, your lightshow of Wekiva's and Florida's wildlife. Who says we can't all be kin? I am envious of all your bear sightings and your otter splashes. Steve Phelan